About this course

Course type: Performance

Duration: 3 Days

Delivery method: Classroom

Many salespeople have developed an approach to their conversations and meetings based on what they have heard colleagues say and what has seemed appropriate, rather than adopting a proven structure designed to maximise effectiveness.

This three day New Business course provides an opportunity for you to:

  • think about and build on your own good practise
  • introduce and adopt additional skills and behaviours
  • gain increased confidence and competence in your conversations with prospects

The course is delivered as an initial 2 days, with a follow-up 1 day session six weeks later to allow you to embed and apply your learning.

Through this 3 day programme you will be able to glean best practices or lessons-learned from an experienced instructor, share experiences with peers, and participate in face-to-face role-plays.

The classroom is a great place to learn – you’re supposed to make mistakes and the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask!


There are no specific prerequisites for this course.

Learning outcomes

  • A clear structure to follow when making new business calls
  • Greater confidence and capability during the initial stages of the call
  • Greater confidence and capability in your questioning techniques and your ability to encourage greater information flow from your clients
  • How to (and the importance of) align your products and services with previously identified needs and wants

What will the course cover?

  • Relationship essentials
  • Agreeing the sales process
  • Planning a new business call
  • Introduction to the call
  • Developing rapport
  • Delivering an ‘Interest Getting’ statement
  • The ‘Time to Talk’ question
  • The motivating question
  • What you need to find out
  • Handling early objections
  • Questioning techniques
  • Continuing the conversation techniques
  • Summarising and conditional closing
  • Presenting and aligning your solution
  • All time top 5 questions