Event stand Sales training – are your sales people ready? (Part 2)

Our next top five tips for effective event stand sales training

Working on an event stand can be incredibly hard work with hundreds of visitors and passers-by from all walks of life and many different countries. You need to make sure your teams are well prepared and that you get the most return from your expensive event stand investment.

Now, in the second of our two part event stand training blogs, read our next top five tips for event stand training.

  1. The answers we seek lie within the quality of questions we ask
    This sounds obvious, but try and avoid the common mistake of pitching your solution too early. Investigate the client by asking intelligent and relevant questions.
  2. Change your questions so they lead to a positive answer!
    What challenges are you facing this year?
    What are your key improvement areas are you working on?
  3. Keep control of the conversation
    You need to get to the really juicy stuff quickly. You will find this difficult if you are not in control of the conversation, so ensure the conversation is fluid and directed by you.
  4. Aim for three key focus areas to handover
    If you have colleagues on your stand who are there to demonstrate your products, ensure you hand over no more than three key points that the customer wishes to discuss and see a solution for. Keep it succinct and simple.
  5. Ensure your visitor is clear about the next actions
    Capture relevant and correct information so you or your colleagues can follow-up appropriately when you get back to the office.

So how confident are you that your teams will stand out from the crowd – and draw in the crowds? It’s not just about how many freebies you can give away – you’ll need substance to attract and maintain interest, delivering the ultimate outcome of a strong lead.

If you would like your team to take part in some event stand sales training, we can help you to improve your interactions and increase lead generation with our short and impactful event stand sales training courses.

Contact us today and don’t miss out on generating the most leads and revenue possible from your forthcoming event. Make your investment worthwhile and return to the office with a successful motivated team of sales people.

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